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  1. Hello, I am subbed to Kelden's channel and I love his videos, but the two of you together are hilarious and so fun! Anyway, thank you for recommending The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan. It was exactly what my spirit needs right now. What other books would you recommend for a seasoned witch that is coming back around to the Wiccan path? I became Wiccan in 1996, but then in the mid-2000s starting exploring other paths (mainly Cochrane style craft). And also, at some point in the future could you elaborate on why you don't necessarily relate to the "pagan" label? This seems to be a trend in the witchy community online this year since I've heard/seen t least 10 "big name pagans" declare they are witches not pagans.

  2. Hi! I'm glad someone is enjoying watching me be awkward on camera!

    As far as book recommendations I pretty much think everyone should read The Elements of Ritual and The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp. She also had a new book called Magical Power for Beginners (which is definitely not for beginners) that is a nice follow up to The Elements of Ritual that goes into how/why/when to raise power for magical workings. She's my favorite Wiccan author.

    I'm also a history nut, so I would recommend everything written by Phillip Heselton, especially his biographies of Gardner and Valiente. Then I'd recommend the personal memoirs of various Witches and Occultists. I really think there is more value to seeing how people lived their witchcraft versus yet another book/blog telling you "here's what a wand is" or "did you know witches burn candles?"

    The Pagan thing is complicated. Mostly I think of it as a useful umbrella term for all of these various, though sometimes unrelated, traditions that band together under that label and create an open, shared pagan culture. I don't have an entire historic pantheon that I worship and I'm not much of a reconstructionist, so I don't know if I qualify by those terms or not.

    If I say I'm Pagan that doesn't really tell anyone what I do or believe. It doesn't identify my Gods. I sort of see it like calling yourself "spiritual." Pretty words, but what do they mean?! Ha. If I call myself Witch or Wiccan, that's telling something.

    I've seen some of those 'Witch, not Pagan" conversations. In some intiatory traditions "pagan" means "non-initiate" and I think that's where they are coming from.

    1. What you are saying about the pagan label actually describes my conflicted feelings about calling myself Wiccan, because I also have a working relationship with Aphrodite. Anyway, I will add Deborah Lipp to my wishlist since I already have Tarot Interactions and thought it was really well written. Doreen is amazing!! I have her books and will order the Heselton biography next payday. Thanks again for the recommendations.


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