A Whole Blog Post Without Swearing!

Hello again! It's nearly October and I haven't posted anything here since early Summer. What else is new? I solemnly swear that my hands haven't been idle, they just haven't been anywhere near the keyboard.

What have I been up to since May?

I attended the DFW Pagan Unity Fest. I promised myself that I would get out more often in spite of the heat, bugs and sunlight.

Midsummer came and went without a lot of fanfare. I've always liked the four cross-quarter days a lot more.

Lammas was celebrated with gusto! Mostly that meant whipping up some biscuit dough and baking a mellman for the ritual proper. I made biscuits from the leftovers and those were served to the family with strawberry jam and strong coffee.

I jumped on the Bullet Journal bandwagon back in July. What I first dismissed as some sort of hipster thing has really helped me feel less overwhelmed. I've been keeping a mundane journal for the last year, and I started a journal for woo stuff. I confess that the woo journal is pretty sparse.

I took a day trip up to Fort Worth to visit my first and still favorite metaphysical shop. It's been nearly a decade since the last time I was there. I had a deep seated worry that I would find the place was closed and I would feel personally responsible for not making the drive up to buy books and incense on the regular. The business is doing fine, of course! The book section was limited - they had just had a sale - and the only thing of interest was Dion Fortune's Moon Magic. I guess I had forgotten that it was the sequel to The Sea Priestess, which I haven't read. I enjoyed it, but not enough to invest in the first book. Sorry, Violet! I did pick up some incense, a gift for a friend, the famed 1JJ Swiss tarot deck that I've wanted forever, and a new Cup for ritual. It's all done in watery colors and is made for the shop by a local artist. I also picked up Dryad Design's God and Goddess candle holders, which I've also always wanted, and they are very happy in their new home.

In direct contrast to all of that consumerism I made the decision to switch to using exclusively beeswax candles instead of paraffin. They are more expensive but I think the cost is worth it. They smell beautifully and last so much longer. As part of my tidying up for the Equinox I purged a lot of magical supplies that had either gone bad or were so old I couldn't even remember when I'd bought them. I confess there was a jar of hyssop - way in the back - that I had bought in 2009. Goddess preserve us!

In spite of what I said about only really liking the cross-quarter days, I did do a ritual for the Equinox. I happened to be off that day which certainly helped. I wanted to do something to formally welcome the Autumn-vibe as pretentious and goofy as that sounds.

In the mix of all of that I've had a successful year at my job, better relationships with my friends, a former-boyfriend-now-very important friend who shares my love of cheesy horror movies, and lots of witchy friends. (Hi!)

I've also somehow managed to keep my sanity as the world is daily dragged through a new, fresh serving of WTF?! (That doesn't count as swearing!)

Maybe there is something to this Witch thing, after all! 


  1. In your experience, how do the beeswax candles work with oils and herbs in terms of scent after they are dressed? What brands do you like? A post on patheos pagan awhile back got me really thinking about switching, but my local metaphysical shops don't sell beeswax :(

  2. I bought mine online - the brand is Bluecorn naturals. So far I find the oils and wax get along fine with each other and the candles smell nice on their own.

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