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Happy Lammas

Early this morning I made a corn doll from husks gathered from local fields while doing a bit of baking. Okay, I confess, I was making pizza. But it was still baking.

Mirth and Reverence (In which I am a klutz)

It all began as a fairly normal Summer Solstice morning. I was off from my job and was able to greet the rising sun with a nice cup of chamomile tea. This being Texas there were also many mosquitoes who enjoyed my tea and several gallons of my blood.

I went inside and took a relaxing shower with a cleansing herbal bath scrub and rose scented soap. I applied tea tree oil to many mosquito bites and made my way into my ritual space. Normally my altar lives on my dresser, which is also where I store my magical supplies. For the occasion I had set the altar up on my coffee table, filled a large cauldron with water and flowers, positioned the quarter candles, and made a circle of rose petals.

If I had taken a picture I would share it with you. Trust and believe when I tell you that it was pretty and I had really outgayed myself. I was staging the Solstice ritual out of the Farrar's Witches Bible. I was originally going to go with something simple and heartfelt but decided on high theate…