Mirth and Reverence (In which I am a klutz)

It all began as a fairly normal Summer Solstice morning. I was off from my job and was able to greet the rising sun with a nice cup of chamomile tea. This being Texas there were also many mosquitoes who enjoyed my tea and several gallons of my blood.

I went inside and took a relaxing shower with a cleansing herbal bath scrub and rose scented soap. I applied tea tree oil to many mosquito bites and made my way into my ritual space. Normally my altar lives on my dresser, which is also where I store my magical supplies. For the occasion I had set the altar up on my coffee table, filled a large cauldron with water and flowers, positioned the quarter candles, and made a circle of rose petals.

If I had taken a picture I would share it with you. Trust and believe when I tell you that it was pretty and I had really outgayed myself. I was staging the Solstice ritual out of the Farrar's Witches Bible. I was originally going to go with something simple and heartfelt but decided on high theater at the last minute.

The music was from the ballet  A Midsummer Night's Dream, the incense was delicious and I was clad in the sky and a string of beads.

I made my way around to call East...and backed into the Goddess candle. Being sort of furry, I didn't notice anything at first but I soon felt a prickle of heat go up my backside along with an audible WOOSH! noise and the magical scent of burnt hair.

I laughed at myself and proceeded to somehow manage to kick the cauldron over. The now icy cold, blessed, rose scented water flooded the attic. If you've never stepped barefoot on soaking wet flower petals...I don't recommend it. It feels like squishing a bug.

So much for my Solstice ritual. I ended up breaking the circle to fetch old towels and spent the next hour mopping up water and cleaning everything.

Did the Gods perhaps need a chuckle at my expense? Did the Goddess just really want to make sure every square inch of my ritual space was blessed with the flooding waters of her mercy and compassion? Am I just a klutz after I've been awake all night?

Maybe it was the fairies?

Happy Solstice!


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